The European LeanSSC Community supports the Lean Software and Systems Consortium’s vision, values and mission (reproduced below).


  • Better outcomes for industry and the public because systems are engineered using the values of the LeanSSC.


  • Accept the human condition
  • Accept that complexity and uncertainty are natural to knowledge work
  • Achieve better economic outcomes
  • Achieve better sociological outcomes
  • Seek, embrace and question valuable ideas from all disciplines
  • Enhance the speed and depth of positive change through a value-based community


  • Improve and expand the application of Lean Thinking in software and systems engineering
  • Create a knowledge stewardship program to organize existing and emerging intellectual property in Lean Science, Lean Management, and Lean Education.
  • Build a value-based community to accelerate and deepen positive change


The following people agreed to these statements at LSSC11 in Long Beach, California, on Friday May6th 2011

  • Hakan Forss
  • Olav Massen
  • Inbar Oren
  • Mattias Skarin
  • Johan Soderstrom
  • Jasper Sonnevelt
  • Joakim Sunden
  • Yuval Yeret
  • Jason Yip – representing Australia :)


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